BabyFirst Video Educational TV Customer Reviews:


Love it

My baby love it

Love it

Love it

Thanks for the app

Great !!

I don't like the fact we can't receive updated shows more often. My son really enjoy this app. But seeing the same shows can get annoying. Please update .


love it

Baby first is amazing!

My baby boy is 3 months old. He loves watching baby first with me. As soon as I turn baby first on, he is all smiles! He coos, smiles and giggles every time. Love these interactive shows!!

My daughter love baby first tv... and I love it too !!!!💓💕💖💗

Baby first

It helps my baby learn he laugh and kick and play every time baby first come on

My babies love this its wonderful

I love it!

I love it my kids love it we watching it now

Wish more was free

Hunter loves it

the best


The whole package and definitely recommend it

Both of my babies love this app and tv show! They watch it hrs a day everday. I also subscribed on Youtube as well. So educational and fun all at once.

My baby love it


Love it



I just got this app for my baby brother, and he loves it.

IPad thing a scam


We love baby first tv

BabyFirst Video Educational TV

Educational TV with hours of award winning educational videos for the go.

Very perfect

Can't complain the perfect channel for Infants and kids and adults

Love it

Both of my kids love this app and love watching the channel

Awesome app

My child has been watching babys first since he was 7 months and he still loves it. I can see he is learning from it as well which is just amazing.

My son loves the app!

Love, love, love...

Love it

My daughter is 2 has been watching since she was born! Her favorite is Squeak!

Love baby first but feel tricked

Frustrating that you can not download videos and watch away from WiFi. Should make these details more available before you allow people to sign up for 6 month subscriptions. Especially for something my little one could watch on tv.

Pay to watch a cartoon? Are you serious? Uninstall app.

My daughter loves the app

When were on the go she can watch videos and anytime she wants its the best educational app.

Very love this apps.. and great.. thanks

Love it!

I love watching how my son lights up and learns with baby first tv

Very good application


Great app

My son goes nuts over mio mao

Great app!!

User friendly and my child loves it@

My son loves Baby First Tv

Great app

Terri Sakala

Wonderful Programing. My 7 month old loves listening & watching this very much !!